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Cities and Towns p-Card Application

Below are the application documents required to start the credit process with the Bank.

As of February 2019, the application process has changed. Please be aware that you may be required to provide new/different information then previously.

Sections A and B must be completed and returned to BM/Harris(along with three years of financial audits (CAFR).

Please begin with:

p-Card packet check list The checklist is designed to help you return the correct information so we can begin processing your application.

Required – Section A Signed City Council or Board Resolution. You may use this template or create your own.

Required – Section B (required) BMO Member Agreement. This is your application to the Bank for a line of credit.

Required – 3 years most recent Audited Financial Statement Agreement. The bank requires a copy of your municipality’s’ audited financials or CAFR to keep your credit current. Failure to comply could result in an interruption of your card service.

Contact Holly Wallace by phone at (815) 793-4655 or by email at any time you have questions.

Now that I have sent in all this paperwork, what happens next?

Once Illinois ASBO has received all of the necessary materials and application, they will be reviewed, signed and sent to the Harris Bank (Bank of Montreal) on the same day that they are received. Next you should receive a “Client Implementation Guide” from Harris/BMO, which is very user-friendly. Shortly after receiving this guide, a training session with your p-Card Administrator will be conducted via telephone conference call.

The initial training of your Program Administrator will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis, and in most cases will involve a 30-45 minute telephone session. Your implementation packet and online training component will round out what you need to know to get cards issued and being used.

Cards are customized and ordered online and delivered to your p-Card Administrator.

Once your cards begin to be used for purchasing, the implementation officer of the bank will schedule a training session to explain how to access information about card utilization and explain all of the reporting options that are available. There are no costs or fees to the municipality for this service, and no special hardware or software needed to support this program-only an internet connection.

Contact Holly Wallace by phone at (815) 793-4655 or by email at any time you have questions.