Useful Spend Dynamics Tutorials

Want to manage your p-Card accounts 24/7 online? It is easy with BMO/Harris’s NEW powerful tool – Spend Dynamics. Below are tutorials for some of the reports and p-Card management tools that are available on Spend Dynamics. These reports are for both the p-Card Administrator or the Cardholder.

Need extra help?

Use the Help section on Spend Dynamics
Call Spend Dynamics Client Services – (800) 844-6445
Schedule a Webinar for your staff or yourself – through Illinois ASBO (see below)
Call Illinois ASBO and ask Holly – (815) 762-0317 or email: hwallace@iasbo.org

SKYWARD USERS — Please refer to this SKYWARD HANDBOOK together with the tutorials below.

Administrator Overview 
Overview of the Website for the Administrator. Includes basic card management, mapping and delegation. Administrator access only.

How to Create a Profile and Order Card
Create a profile to map and delegate and order new cards.Administrator access only

Granting Access
Granting access to a general user to Spend Dynamics and how to grant Administrator rights to a user. Administrator access only

Basic Reporting
Create a customized report to save or run once. Administrator access only

How to View/Print a Statement
Share this tutorial with staff who are printing statements. General/Administrator access

Coding Transactions
Learn how to reconcile your accounts online, and then train your staff. The best part is you can export all the information to use in your accounting.

Sample Procedure Manual
Sample Procedure Manuals are on the Resources page.